Through my work with Orion over the past few months, I have begun to make what I consider to be revolutionary changes in my relationships, both with myself and with my partner.  Setting aside private time to get more in touch with my own body and desires has led me to become more present and comfortable communicating them to my partner.  As a result I have stopped faking orgasms and started asking for what I actually want and need in order to allow it to happen organically- AND IT DOES! What I am really seeing is that talking about things is not only vital for a deep and meaningful connection, but more significantly, it’s NEVER AS SCARY AS I THINK it’s going to be. In fact, it has deepened my emotional and physical intimacy immensely. I have never felt safer and the sex has never been hotter. Yes, honesty and communication are SEXY.”

-W., age 27

Suddenly sexual touch and sharing pleasure with someone else is alive and thriving within me.  I have, as everyone does, an extremely complicated relationship to my body and to vulnerably, fully and intimately sharing my body with another human.  Working with Orion was like shining a light into hidden corners of my mind and, voila, so much to see!  They gave me a simple exercise to do a few times a week, and a lot to think about.  My next sexual experience was the most intense, most wonderful, most true I had ever had in my entire life.  It was mind-blowing, glorious, and life-changing.  I am grateful for Orion’s expertise and care.  They listen deeply, and have so much of their own experience to offer – it isn’t just theoretical for Orion.  I am looking forward to continuing my sessions, and I recommend work with Orion to anyone who wants to understand themselves better.  

-M., age 31

Working with Orion has been nothing short of liberating. With their guidance, support and gentle approach I’ve learned to see myself as whole. I came to appreciate parts of me that I saw as shameful or unwanted. I understood that in order to show up for others I needed to show up for myself first. I found deeper appreciation for how we communicate, the words we use and how we say them. They gave me tools that helped truly transform how my husband and I communicate. During the sessions I felt I had a space where I was being held, heard, seen and appreciated. I knew that in the time we spent together there would be no judgement which helped me shield myself my over critical inner voice as well. With the tools and practices that I was given throughout our sessions I’ve developed a loving relationship with myself, my body and my desires. They helped me fully understand what being grounded and embodiment felt like. I have tried various meditation (guided and otherwise) over the years and nothing provided me the sense of profound connection with my body and senses than the ones Orion guided me through. Anyone who has signed up for these sessions or is thinking about it should know that this is the best gift you can give yourself. When we heal, others around us heal.

-N, age 39

What a joy to work with Orion! Over the course of 6 months, my partner and I completed a dozen or so sessions, together as a couple and also individually. Even when we were busy and stressed out, Orion always came prepared with an open structure to ground us and guide us to a place where we could safely and lovingly talk through our fears, our conflicts, our needs. Orion helped us get out of our rut, appreciate each other more, reignite our sexual energies, and most importantly get back in touch with our own independence and senses of self. Since our sessions ended we have been able to carry with us the tactics and practices we learned through our time with Orion. Thank you!

-B, age 34

Working with Orion has been an immensely positive experience. Their compassion and understanding creates a space where open and honest dialogue can take place without judgement or pressure. As a result, my partner and my relationship has gone through a metamorphosis that would have been impossible without Orion’s thoughtful guidance. Their ability to listen and really hear what is being communicated helped us listen to and really hear each other.  This fostered a genuine, authentic, connection that lead to a deeper understanding of our wants and needs, both as a couple and as individuals. We’ve both been positively transformed through our coaching experience with Orion and are so grateful for the space to share, learn and grow in this process.

-E. + B., both age 33

We were put in touch with Orion after hitting a painful patch while opening our marriage.  Their steady and gentle work with us allowed us to find a space of true communication about what was hurtful and what felt delicious about our relationship.  They helped us discover crucial tools that have allowed us to keep exploring polyamory with a better arsenal to support and and love each other as we learn about our relationships and each other.

-K. + T., ages 37 + 38

 Orion met me where I’m at with no judgement and gave me wonderful perspective. All the things that I was afraid to admit, they already knew as “things that happen” and showed me a way through that made logical sense. When feeling emotionally stuck, it is a priceless asset to have someone like Orion come in and light way out.

-M., age 39

We truly believe that our marriage would have failed if not for Orion’s guidance. We came to wanting to open up our sex life and our communication about our sex life (and wow, did we ever get to open that up and expand our capacity for pleasure tenfold!) but moreover, we got to go even deeper and more comprehensively than we could have imagined. Sexuality from a place of wholeness is a POWERFUL way to operate, and I am grateful every day that we reached out to Orion.

-R. + G., ages 34 + 38

 Orion has provided me with the nurturing and informative voice on sex and sexuality that I thought surely existed, but couldn’t seem to find. They are the antidote to the cultural poison surrounding these issues and I feel, as a result of our sessions so far, that my brain is unlocking, I am less fearful, and I am more in love with my sex life.

-E., age 26

I had all but given up on my own capacity to experience sexual pleasure. For many years, I felt like I could either be a sexual person OR a person who loves. Physically, this meant that I could rarely get and stay hard when with a partner, or if I did manage to be erect, I would cum almost instantly. Orion helped me understand what was underneath these physical hurdles. For me, it was this disconnect between being someone who has sex and someone who loves. They compassionately guided me to realizing this on my own. And I loved the physical explorations they gave me, along with extensive follow-up notes, to explore between sessions! I love their frame of the heart/cock or heart/clit connection, and self love practice is deeply important. In spending time and attention with those things, I’ve been able to bring what I am learning into sex with my partner. Run, do not walk, to work with Orion. I wish I had reached out much sooner than I did. My time with them has been truly transformative for me, in and out of the bedroom!

-M., age 43

 Orion has an amazing capacity to make you feel like you’re the only person they’ve ever seen, loved, and listened to, even if you just met them on the street. Their deep listening & insightful reflections not only created an incredibly safe environment for me to explore my thoughts and feelings, but stayed with me for weeks afterwards and still continue to shift my perception about my own “relationship to relationships.” Orion’s profound empathy and extensive knowledge about sex, dating, love, and relationships in all forms and dynamics make each minute feel valuable as they share their extensive wisdom and unlock your own, one gentle node at a time.

-L., age 29

 Orion’s coaching was amazing: they helped me analyze problems I had been turning over in my mind for years with fresh insight and new perspectives. Their thoughtfulness and empathy anchors their counseling and made me feel supported as we worked through different topics. I feel heartened by our work together, and have come out with both more compassion and a sharper insight into how to make my relationships work.

-K., age 35

 Orion is an incredible coach. Their open mind, her patience, her enthusiasm, Their holistic vision of humanity, sexuality, community, ethics, etc. all make her profoundly approachable. Their sharp, probing questions made me think in new ways and approach the same old problems with a fresh eye and a recharged heart.

-W., age 33

 Orion is a love, sex, and relationships grandmaster and the most emotionally intelligent person I know. Cities should install copies of them in public parks, dispensing advice to passersby. If they did, I’m convinced that everyone would be twenty percent happier. And having fifty percent more amazing sex.

-D., age 34